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Official Name: Federal Republic of Nigeria

Position: Along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Guinea in western Africa -- bordered by Benin, Niger, Lake Chad, and Cameroon

Colonized: Early 20th Century by the United Kingdom Recognized: October 1, 1960 from the United Kingdom Republic: October 1, 1963

Current Population: 174.5 million

Area: 923,768 km2 / 356,667 square miles

Capital: Abuja

Languages: English is the official language with various regional dialects spoken, including Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba

National Groups: 21% Yoruba, 21% Hausa, 18% Igbo, 11% Fulani, 7% Efik-Ibibio, 4% Kanuri, 3% Tiv, 3% Edo, 2% Ijaw, 10% others, including Muslim, white Christian, and Jewish communities


Active Community: Igboland and Abuja

Estimated Current-Day Jewish Population: 70,000

Operational Synagogue: Many in Igboland and three in Abuja

Cemeteries: Uncertain

Note: Due to Boko Haram domestic terrorism and overall instability, visiting the synagogues in the Igboland is currently dangerous, and hence they are not included in this website