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Official Name: Republic of Namibia

Former Name: German South-West Africa

Position: Along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in southwestern Africa -- bordered by South Africa, Botswana, Angola, and Zambia

Occupation: Beginning in 1915 by South Africa
Recognized: March 21, 1990 from South Africa

Current Population: 2.15 million

Area: 825,615 km2 / 318,696 square miles

Capital: Windhoek

Languages: English is the official language with Afrikaans, German, Rukwangali, Silozi, Setswana, Damara/Nama, Herero, and Oshiwanbo also spoken.

National Groups: 50% Ovambo, 9% Kavango, 8% Damara, 8% Herero, 6% White, 5% Nama, 4% Colored, 4% Caprivian, 3% San, 3% Basters, 1% Tswana, 1% Others


Active Community: Windhoek

Inactive Community: Keetmanshoop and Luderitz

Jewish Population at its Height: 700

Estimated Current-Day Jewish Population: 100

Operational Synagogue: Windhoek (1)

Former Synagogue: Keetmanshoop (1)

Cemeteries: Windhoek, Keetmanshoop, and Luderitz