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Official Name: Republic of Mauritius

Position: : Island nation in the Indian Ocean 1,200 miles / 2,000 km southeast of the African continent

Declared: March 12, 1968 from the United Kingdom Became a Republic: March 12, 1992

Current Population: 1.3 million

Area: 2,040 km2 / 787 square miles

Capital: Port Louis

Languages: None official; spoken languages include Mauritian Creole, French, English, and various Indian languages

National Groups: Indian, Muslim, African, White, and Mauritian Creole


Jewish History: The first Jews arrived in Mauritius n 1940 during World War II, but nearly the entire community came to settle in Palestine shortly afterwards. Only a few decades later did Jews come to permanently settle in Mauritius.

Estimated Current-Day Jewish Population: 50

Operational Synagogue: Baby S. Curpen Cultural Center Synagogue (completed in 2006) in Curepipe, a town located in the center of Mauritius

Cemeteries: St. Martin Jewish Cemetery in Bambous