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Official Name: State of Eritrea

Position: At the Horn of Africa along the Red Sea; bordered by North Sudan, Ethiopia, and Djibouti

Colonized: In the early 20th century by Italy, which ended in 1941. Became part of the British Mandate, which continued to 1951. Independence: On May 24, 1991 from the United Kingdom; on May 24, 1993 from Ethiopia

Current Population: 6.3 million

Area: 117,600 km2 / 45,405 square miles

Capital: Asmara

Languages: Tigrinya, Arabic, English, and Italian

National Groups: 55% Tigrinya, 30% Tigre, 4% Saho, 2% Kunama, 2% Bilen, 2% Rashaida, and 5% others, including a small white population


Active Community: Asmara (made up of a community that emigrated from Aden, Yemen In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries)

Estimated Current-Day Jewish Population: 1 (not including expatriates and government and non-government agency personnel)

Marginally Operating Synagogue: Asmara

Cemeteries: Asmara