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Official Name: Republic of Kenya

Position: Central eastern Africa along the Equator -- bordered by Tanzania, Lake Victoria, Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia, and the Indian Ocean

Independence: 1964 from the United Kingdom

Current Population: 45 million

Area: 581,309 km2/224,080 square miles

Capital: Nairobi

Languages: English with many regional languages

National Groups: 22% Bemba, 11% Tonga, 6% Lozi, 5% Nsenga, 4% Tumbuka, 4% Ngonia, 3% Chewa, 1% White, and 45% Others including Indians and Colored.


Active Community: Nairobi and the Laikipia District

Inactive Community: Nakuru

Jewish Population at its Height: 1000

Estimated Current-Day Jewish Population: Between 150 and 200

Operational Synagogues: Nairobi (1) and the Laikipia District (1)

Cemeteries: Nairobi