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image118Exterior View (2005), 15” x 11” Watercolor, Jay A. Waronker


Saint Martin Jewish Cemetery (Established in the Mid-20th Century)
Bambous, Mauritius 118




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Located in Bambous, a peaceful and a relatively undeveloped village in the district of Rivière Noire on Mauritius, is the site of a Jewish cemetery established by the island’s small yet well-organized community.   The cemetery, which does not serve only the Jewish community but where Christians are also buried, is located along a quiet road.  Just behind an area for car parking is a wall and gateway with an entry sign to the Jewish cemetery along with several ceremonial and dedication plaques.  This portal fronts the area where the Jewish graves can be found.   The granite tombstones, spaced closely and arranged in neat rows, date beginning to the mid-twentieth century and continue into the second half of the century and into the early years of the current millennia.  Jews first arrived in Mauritius in 1940, so the Jewish section of the cemetery was not established until shortly after that period.   The cemetery, a peaceful place, features several mature shade trees and other plantings, and it is a well-maintained space watched over by guards regularly on duty.


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